A fast jump between good ideas and good prototypes.

Since 2018 we help entrepreneurs and intrapreneurs to meet their technological challenges. Our team of 7 people gathers together design and engineering skills with expertise in both hardware and software product development. We help innovative early-stage projects with hybrid technical needs.

Smart devices & IoT Product-service systems Robotics and mechatronics Web / mobile platforms

A team with cross-technology engineering skills.

Our team is not specialized in a specific industry field nor a specific technological field. Our job is creating value by connecting user needs or business problems with operational and elegant tech solutions, through all stages of the project : ideation and innovation management, iterative product development and operational prototype fabrication until deployment or industrialisation.

  • Product-service UX design and industrial design
  • Mechanical & mechatronical systems design
  • Electronics & embedded systems design
  • Web, mobile, software design & development
  • Network engineering, Cloud & systems integration
  • Industrial engineering & manufacturing management

A straight forward way to boost your project.

You have an innovative early-stage project and you need valuable tech help ? We focus on :

  • Accuracy : do what you need and do it good.
  • Velocity : do it quick and focus on iterative concrete results.
  • Transparency : tell you what we did, do and will do.


Impact driven and supporting the changemakers !

We believe that technology can empower people and bring a positive impact in the world ! We are supporting those who want to make meaningful and global changes on our planet, whether it is a social-impact and/or an ecologic-impact innovative project, we offer a discount on each of our services.

Simon Fau

We are hiring 🚀

You have strong tech skills and you want to help us develop cool projects ? We are looking for hardware and software superstars !


What they say about us...

Simon Fau
monCTO's team has for sure a wide range of tech skills and a capacity to provide content-wise advice. Their ability to operationalize every step of the way was a great help, from ideas, different prototypes, pre-industrialisation studies. That efficiency was a real boost for our project.
Gregory Le Moigne
monCTO knows how to adapt to a project beyond all difficulties, they not only solve problems but develop qualitative and accurate solutions. Attentiveness and full transparency are also two precious qualities, they say what they do and they do what they say.

They support us...

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